What Is B and Q Store | You Need To Know All About B&Q in 2021

B and Q is a famous retail industry with a huge collection of household things such as DIY home improvement tools and gardening supplies and plants. its start providing service 52 years ago and launched by David Quayle and Richard block in the year of 1969.

More than 290 plus branches are established in various countries and also available online shopping, headquarters is located at Eastleigh, Hampshire, united kingdom. In this company more than 40000 different types of products are available. In China B & Q failed to continue their business, shutting down in 2015. B & Q are panning open stores in Saudi Arabia.

B and Q are going to introduce new things for further development, in development include introducing factors such as sofa furniture, lighting, retailing equipment, home centers, bathrooms, and so on.

B&Q is the Kingfisher Group’s biggest operating company, accounting for nearly half of the group’s sales. Gathering a huge range of customer in different countries

B&Q’s most important market in the United Kingdom and Ireland, where it has 332 stores and accounts for 15% of the total product market. B&Q is also going to start stores in Asia.

B&Q is one of many brands owned by the home improvement company Kingfisher plc, which operates stores in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Employment In B&Q and benefits

What Is B and Q Store | You Need To Know All About B&Q in 2021

16700 + employees are working at b and q company through the all branches, for b and q employees company, provide various benefits such as

  • The pension scheme is available for every employee who is working in b and q
  • Health care and private health care insurance are available
  • Holiday plannings
  • Incentives planning and annual bonus, the bonus are the best benefits which are provided by b and q
  • Maintaining Saving accounts

when an organization provides benefits to employees it leads to increased employee’s interest in work, it helps to create better working conditions, environment, the relationship between employees and management.

B and Q Club Membership Benefits

When a person registers in a B & Q club,

  • the register can receive benefits like vouchers, discounts, rewards, cashback.
  • Offers you the first voucher by providing £5 off on purchasing £30 or above
  • Offering digital payments, wallets, careless payments.
  • Providing key cutting discounts when you visit an offline store.
  • 10 % emile voucher and b and q click and collect
  • Sending mails on Update about special and new offers
  • Send marketing based emails to customers
  • Available wide range of options.
  • Providing Retail process
  • Exciting Electronic gift card

B&Q Club Registration

The B & Q Club Registration process is completely free, you can get it both offline and online. In offline you have to visit the B&Q store, collect a B&Q card, and then register in the B&Q app.

Online with an email address users can register. In the online process, it asks about the registration number but it is optional, so no need to get tense about the registration number.

After the registration process completes, the register gets an email with a B&Q club card, finally, the registration process is complete.

All About Diamond Card

To get a diamond card there has to be a separate registration process. If you have a diamond card membership, you can get discount vouchers every Wednesday for particular products. Those products are seeds, garden power tool, b and q garden furniture, b and q garden accessories, b and q plant, b and q animal care, b and q garden storage, and so on


In July 2016, B&Q was announced to have a buyer base of seven million, with approximately 75 % using the retailer’s website to research desired products prior to purchasing in-store and B&Q online. legally restarting B&Q has customer loyalty events, such as the b and q Diamond Club, which entitles members over the age of 60 to a 10% discount on many gardens. The diamond club provides a huge range of benefits to reach customer needs and wants.


in-store services will make your visit to B&Q even more enjoyable; they are providing services like

  • key cutting is available in stores
  • paint mixing
  • suggesting paint colors and designed to create a new revolution
  • Rug doctor carpet cleaning, sofa cleaning rental are available in stores
  • providing appointment for better home planning
  • Timber cutting based on customer need and wants
  • Providing transport facility to deliver material without damage
  • Recycling the products are the best factor in B&Q

Here we are aimed to meet all of your home improvement needs.


Competition is a basic factor that shows its pressure on successfully running an organization. Here B and Q also face competition in marketing, but it stands strong by providing attractive discounts, B and Q offers, vouchers, and service. B and Q gain millions of customer trust, that’s the main reason behind its growth and success. The company’s that are giving competition to q and b is

  • The home depot
  • Wayfair
  • Kingfisher
  • Log cabin Republicans
  • Kent building supplies
  • Screwfix
  • Everest
  • Mitre 10
  • BYGBYGGmax
  • Lowe’s home improvement
  • Menards

World Wide Activities

On 31 January 2013, B&Q Ireland Ltd was Decided to take a step towards examinership in the Irish courts, and PWC Ireland was arranged as an interviewer, despite the fact that stores continued to operate normally while other budgeting and financing issues were made. b and q Ireland began losing money two years ago, despite the fact that the stores in the b and q United Kingdom go on financial gains. Legal restarting The chain was released from estimation a few months later, in May 2013, after the High Court accepted a €2.4 million investment to keep eight of their nine stores open and to continue the service without breakage

B&Q entered China in 1999, establishing nearly more than 49 stores. However, due to poor sales and low marketing, the company chose to shut down the company in China so they preferred to sell 70% shares to another company in 2015.

Financial Factors

B&Q’s sales have fallen from 3.8 to 3.2 million British pounds since 2010. Annual revenue of b and q is £3.8 billion in the year 2015-2016. Net income is above £ 220 million.

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