We Should Know About How To Find AirPod Case? (3 Different Methods)

It is now simple to keep both AirPod Case(or Pro) halves organized, charged, and most importantly, simple to discover thanks to an AirPod case. It is simple to lose an AirPod, but when it does, you are undoubtedly a little cautious. What happens, though,

If you misplace the AirPod case?

That’s unfortunate because you actually misplaced the case that was designed to keep both of your AirPods accessible and easy to locate.

What then ought should you do? how to locate an AirPod case Here are a few situations that you can avoid if you lose an AirPod case or a case that has AirPods inside of it. Follow along to learn.

How to only find AirPod cases

Okay, Therefore, this approach can be used to locate an AirPod case that is empty of AirPods. The “Find My iPhone” app can be used to look for the missing or misplaced AirPod case.

However, if you forgot your AirPods someplace in the house (or workplace), you won’t be able to play a sound that aids in pinpointing their whereabouts. Anyway, here’s where to find a single AirPod case.

Open the “Find My iPhone” app on your iPhone in the first step.

Step 02: Next, look through the list of associated devices to see if you can locate “AirPods.”

Step 3: Verify that the LED light next to the AirPods is ” Green,” indicating that the case is close by earbuds. If the light is “Grey,” either the case is beyond the range of the device or the battery is dead. You won’t be able to find it in this situation.

Step 04: Check the location where your case with the AirPods was last seen. It’s very possible that you will remember where you left it there. Sadly, once something is stolen, it cannot be recovered.

How to locate an AirPod case that contains AirPods

In contrast to the last situation, this one favors you (in most cases). The Find My iPhone app will be able to find your case with the AirPods inside of it now that you’ve lost it, or at least its most recent position.

This is a fantastic feature for individuals who consistently forget their pods. This approach is more effective than others. How? Read on.

Open the “Find My iPhone” app on your smartphone at step 01 first.

Step 02: If this is your first time, sign in using your iCloud account. If you’ve already used the app, it will log you in immediately.

Step 3: Verify that AirPods are listed in the list of all the devices that are connected to your iPhone. Your AirPods are in the case, so unless someone takes them out and leaves just the pods, you should be able to find both. On the AirPods, tap.

Step 4: An LED light right below the AirPods will help you find them. logo. If it is “green,” it signifies it is close by; if it is not, you may still roughly locate it until the battery runs out.

Step 05: Enlarge the map to obtain a general idea of where you can go to get the pods with the case. For directions, click the “Directions” button.

Utilize the “Play Sound” button in Step 0* to make the AirPods audible. If it’s close by, you’ll be able to hear it. If not, you still need to locate the area and buzz the sound to look for the misplaced AirPods and cases.

You cannot play audio if the AirPods are not connected. However, if the battery is dead, you will receive the final only known place, and if someone grabbed it, he or she might not still be there.

Without an iPhone, where can I find an AirPod case?

You can still utilize the “Find My iPhone” feature on your computer if you don’t have access to your iPhone for any XYZ reasons. Here’s how you ought to proceed.

First, visit iCloud.com and click “Find” or type “www.icloud.com/find” into the address bar.

Step 2: Enter your Apple ID. You must be able to access your account using the right information, including your password.

Step 3: Navigate to “All Devices” after connecting your AirPods (with case) to the specified account.

Step 4: Examine AirPods and confirm their most recent model number location.

You would find it more helpful to know the last known location than to know nothing at all. Once you have a rough idea of where you were last, go there and attempt to remember where you might have left the case.

If the AirPod case isn’t shown in the app, where can I find it?

If your case is not near the AirPods, there’s a chance it won’t appear on the app. If the AirPods are inside the case, the likelihood of finding it improves because you can buzz a sound or pinpoint its location down a few meters (or more). Finding the ideal instance is challenging, though.

The Find My iPhone app can help you if you lose both the case and the AirPods within it. should be able to provide an address. It continues to share its approximate location with other devices in the “Find My iPhone” network through Bluetooth even when it is not connected. You’ll be able to learn it nonetheless.

Last but not least, if the case is taken, the AirPods will be lost forever because, as previously stated, you can find the missing AirPods but not the case by itself unless you left it someplace in your home or office and they are close.

Things to Consider

If you want to go on an adventure to retrieve your lost or stolen AirPod case, there are a few things you need to be aware of.

If the case was taken, locating it precisely won’t be possible unless you have an AirPod inside. In order to function, it is to interact with the “Find My iPhone” ecosystem.

The position won’t matter if the pods have been combined with another case. You cannot buzz the case if the AirPods are inside of it. Furthermore, AirPods are hard to locate if they go offline or the battery runs out, never mind the case.

Final Words: Where to Find an AirPod Case

Our guide on how to discover an AirPod case using multiple techniques in a variety of situations is now complete.

Please feel free to comment below if there is anything you didn’t understand or if you have any other questions about this article; we would be pleased to help. Click here to read an article on Google TV Launcher.

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