We Should Know About How to Install Google TV Launcher on any Android TV In 2022

This tutorial will cover how to set up the Google TV launcher on any Android TV before its official release. This can be challenging because the app cannot be sideloaded. This is due to the stock/default Android TV launcher.

The methods we’ll be using in the article below may not be familiar to many users, so please read it carefully. But if you follow the instructions listed below, you’ll probably have no problems.

Referring to Google TV Launcher

The Google TV Home is the hub of all Google TV entertainment device operations, according to the Play Store listing. With just one app, you can access thousands of movies, TV series, and live TV channels from your subscriptions. Discover recommendations for new shows based on what you watch and what interests you.

How to Install Google TV Launcher in Steps

We will first sideload the app to our Android TV after downloading it.

From the links above, download both apps.

• We will now set up a file explorer so that we can view all of those files on our TV (we recommend Solid Explorer)

Copy the apk to the Android TV after that. Any technique is acceptable for this. You can use any thumb drive to achieve this, however, we prefer to utilize the ‘Send File to TV’ app.

• Follow the instructions below to disable the security that prevents installing or sideloading apps from sources other than the Google Play Store.

  1.  Press  the settings symbol on your current home screen,
  2.  Next, select Device Preferences and open it.
  3.  Select Unknown Sources from the Security & Restrictions menu.
  4. Toggle the slider in Solid Explorer’s front row to the right to finish.

• Return to the home page now, and launch Solid Explorer.

• Once Solid Explorer is open, look for those apks.

• Click on each one individually to install them.

• Afterward, return to the home page and launch Play Store.

• You may also find and install Home Screen Launcher for Android TV by searching for it.

• If the installation was successful, try pressing the Home button on your remote control. The TV will recognize a new launcher named LauncherX, which is none other superior to the Google TV launcher.

• When you open it, the brand-new Google TV is already operating on your Android TV.

Decide to make Google TV Launcher your default launcher

To use the new Google TV Launcher, however, you will need to open the Home app each time. It will function as a third-party launcher. There is no method to make it the default launcher, as we see on an Android device. Therefore, we’re going to disable the standard Android TV launcher and replace it with the new Google TV launcher.

• Launch Android TV’s Device Preferences menu.

• After that, click Build Version in the About section.

Press it again and again until Developer Options are turned on.

• Move on from enabling reopen Developer Options in the Device Preferences menu.

• Turn on both the network and USB debugging now.

• Return to the About area and select Status to obtain the IP Address.

Return to your computer now, since we will use ADB to connect your Android TV to it.

Our desktop or laptop’s ADB configuration

Although the process is a little challenging, those who are knowledgeable about ADB may complete it with ease.

The majority of individuals in today’s society are not familiar with ADB, thus we will first set up ADB in our system (desktop or laptop).

“Platform-tools” can be downloaded (ADB and Fastboot drivers).

• Extract the file that was downloaded. (Keep track of the path; we’ll need it later.)

• A folder naming system is present. Files like adb.exe and fastboot.exe can be found in the folder “platform-tools”.

• Right now, launch cmd in administrative mode.

• Copy the location of the extracted folder, platform tools in this case.

• Paste it in the command window with the letter CD in front, as in the example below:

cd Platform-toolsAndroidBerylliumUtilities

• Select “the platform-tools” from the list of folders and open it.

The path will be visible in the navigation bar.

• Lastly, type “cmd” in that bar and press the Enter key.

• Suddenly, a command prompt will appear in the same directory.

Now enter the next instruction. Note: For this to function, you might need to include “:5555”

an adb connect Put your IP address here

• After that, run the following command to turn off the Android TV launcher by default.

com.google.android.tv launcher -user 0 adb shell pm uninstall

Such was all. You’ve completed all the requirements for a successful Google TV launcher installation on your Android TV.

Use the command below if you wish to switch back to the previous launcher:

install-existing com.google.android.tv launcher package in adb shell cmd

In every country, use Google TV Launcher

Since Google TV is only initially installed in the US, using the launcher fully may not be an option if you live in a country like India. In that scenario, you won’t have personalized cards and intelligent recommendations on your home screen, along with a few minor bugs.

In order to utilize the launcher effectively, we will thus need to virtually alter our location to the US via a VPN provider. Remember that using this arrangement, you both regional and US-focused findings. Here are a few suggestions that you can choose from, both free and premium VPNs can be used for this.

First, Windscribe VPN (Free & Paid)

The Proton VPN (Free & Paid)

Third, Hide.me VPN (Free & Paid)

Four. Nord VPN (Paid)

(5) SurfShark VPN (Paid)

No. 6 Express VPN (Paid)

The CyberGhost VPN (Paid)

You won’t need to utilize a VPN to use the Google TV Launcher if the new Chromecast is available in your nation. Click here to read an article HBO Max down.

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