Top Cloud Computing trends watch out and learn in 2021

2020 was a big year for digital transformation. With the global pandemic came the need for everybody, not only website development consultants and programmers to go virtual. And everyone will move towards digital, now a days cloud computing also became more relevant.

Now, the cloud computing industry is expanding rapidly, most of the companies switching to cloud computing at very fast.. As a result, it’s growing at a rapid rate and the market is reached to $371.4 billion in 2020. And expecting to reach $832.1 billion by 2025, according to a report given by Research and Markets.

What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing is a technology in which the data stored in remote servers which is nothing but those servers are supercomputers. And these servers will allow the users to access the applications, data, servers and more.

Applications that host resources are known as cloud service providers. Some of the CSP’s are Microsoft Azure, AMazon web services, Google cloud and many more.

By using the CSP IT Companies will barrow the infrastructure from the CSP to store their resources. Which will save the IT cost and improve the Applications scalability.

As the cloud computing grows continuously and enormously it is very difficult to keep updated on the technology trends. And we have gathered and shared the latest information related to cloud computing 2021.

1. Team Collaboration tools will become more specific.

After the COVID-19 Pandemic remote work has become common and there is a surge in collaboration or production tools. Most of the people will continue work from home and collaboration tool are improtant to increese the productivity.

Top Cloud Computing trends watch out and learn in 2021

Video conferencing, chats and screen sharing are becoming more integrated. This will reduce the communication difficulty in between teams. Along with this the Other advancements such as virtual backgrounds and noise cancellation will continue to improve and those are widely used.

2. Artificial Intelligence will be used more at work place

Top Cloud Computing trends watch out and learn in 2021

Artificial intelligence (AI) covers a broad range of things including location services, chatbots and digital assistants. Artificial intelligence aims to automate repetitive tasks, which will result in saving time and money.

The Artificial intelligence growth will continue this year, with worldwide market revenue for the AI market projected to increase to $300 billion by 2024.

With AI every company will use this to eliminate the manual processes. This automation process will reduce the cost of the company and cut the company’s cost. Every company push to optimize the business streamline Ai will be used to improve this like automating the payroll, forecast budgets, or improve compliance and employees also save time on expensive reports, and data analysis.

3.Health care will shifted to the Cloud

Top Cloud Computing trends watch out and learn in 2021

Health care is slowly moving towards the cloud from past several years and this will continue in coming years also. The global market for cloud technologies in the healthcare industry will rise to 25.4 billion dollars in 2024-2025.

In the pandemic covid-19 telehealth adaption is improved and so many people are showing interest in it.

Cloud computing will save money to the health care companies. In cold seasons patients will increase due to the flu. So health care providers need to improve their infrastructure accordingly but in hot seasons the patients will decrease so infrastructure is not needed at that time. So cloud computing will eliminate this by bringing tele health care into existence.

4.Edge computing

Top Cloud Computing trends watch out and learn in 2021

Nowadays Edge computing also gains is also similar to cloud computing but it stores the data and information on local computers. It brings the data storage near to the machines being used. It eliminates the storing of data in for away or in central computers on somewhere

Edge computing is very useful in remote areas where facing connectivity issues to the sort of centralised data will be stored. It also eases the latency issues like speed and performance of the real time applications.

For example you are using the self driven car. Your car runs through the traditional algorithm service provided by cloud computing service. But edge computing will run locally as a result edge computing will improve the performance and speed also.

5. Cloud gaming

Top Cloud Computing trends watch out and learn in 2021

The gaming industry is also similar to the TV and movie industry in coming years.Usually users would buy consoles or pay for the individual games online. Users can play a number of games for a flat fee similar to the Netflix and Amazon prime. Users can play these games on any device like android, tablet, laptop etc.

This gaming industry is also growing at a rapid rate and its revenue projected to increase 3.74 billion dollars by 2023.

6. Serverless Computing

Serverless cloud computing is a comparatively new development and it is very helpful for software developers. In current scenarios developers have to maintain, update, and scale up servers, CSPs will be responsible for allocating resources.

This frees up the developer time the developer needs to focus on the customer features like UX and UI as there is no need to worry about the in-fracture. With this we can see the more productivity of the developer and collaboration tools will help the front-end teams to optimise the workflow.

Serverless computing is more energy-efficient, cost-efficient, and flexible along with which it is easy to use. So that’s why it is gaining popularity nowadays.


There’s no doubt that cloud computing is great and we cannot ignore it. With very fast innovations and developments, it’s very clear that the industry as it is today will entirely look different as compared to now and in future. Also read Zybooks


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