Top 10 reasons to learn aws in 2021


Aws creates a large space In the cloud computing world, it offers a large suite of infrastructure and application service that allows access to users to operate everything in the cloud. AWS provides services through online which are allowed to scalable and cost-effective cloud computing methods.

AWS gives 165 services to help developers with the helped data centre globally in data centres include storage, computer databases networking, analysis, developer tools, mobile management tools, IOT security and enterprise applications.

Day by day AWS certification increases its demand by increasing users, millions of customers are accessing it and also visible frequent improvement in users growth. Amazon web service is giving tough competition by providing leading cloud.

AWS providing service around the world, it has users in 190 countries and also take place 2000 government organisations 5000 ed-tech institution

The Service Provided By AWS

Top 10 reasons to learn AWS in 2021

When users increase for a server that means it’s providing the best service. Amazon web service is a demanded cloud based service. The market has a huge range of cloud services but not a single one omatches the AWS because it provides great service to the users, the main advantage of using amazon web service is it is flexible one. Easy to access, user friendly to access cloud computing platform.

List Of services provided by AWS

  • Amazon S3
  • Amazon EC2
  • AWS lambda
  • Amazon Glacier
  • Amazon SNS
  • Amazon CloudFront
  • Amazon EBS
  • Amazon kinesis
  • Amazon VPC
  • Amazon SQS
  • Amazon elastic Beanstalk
  • DynamoDB
  • Amazon RDS
  • Amazon ElastiCache
  • Amazon redshift
  • AWS Storage Service

The storage services provided by AWS are used by many companies. In AWS storage store industry- leading scalability, security, data availability, performance. It provides strong storage security, millions of applications and data documents are stored throughout the worldwide. And for your specific needs and wants, design the storage spaces. For every small and big organisation the storages are available according to data size, protecting information is the main job of the aws. The services provided by storage service is.

  •  Amazon Glacier
  •  Amazon elastic black store
  •  Amazon web service storage gateway
  •  Amazon web service CloudFront
  •  Amazon web service snowball
  •  Amazon elastic file system
  •  Amazon simple storage service
  •  Amazon EC2 instance storage

Top 10 Reasons To Learn AWS 2021

AWS stands in a top position In cloud service, it creates a strong base across the world. In the technical market AWS has more demand and also has millions of active users. Helps in keeping online data backup, AWS provides storage options by providing a web service interface. This service provides quick spin up within a few minutes and thousands of results delivered within seconds. There are many reasons to learn about AWS is

  • AWS is the fastest growing public cloud service
  • Economical Pricing
  • Flexibility
  • Global architecture
  • paaS offerings
  • security
  • scheduling
  • customization
  • recovery
  • APL

AWS Is The Fastest Growing Public Cloud Service

Within one year nearly 180000 developers are accessing AWS platform, so you can assume how fast it is growing and the annual income is more than 6 billion dollars, present it revenue and growth are increasing day by day. When analysis about 2020 the revenue is increased 28 percent than before, in sales it raises the revenue up to 35.03 billion dollars in 2019. Mostly its departments are using aws. The main reason for better development is having flexible tools and technology that allows access to the cost, flexibility, ultimately, faster- time-to-market, innovation, making availability of transformation and modernization. In third region it expand up to 42 % in 2017 and in forth region 45% expand are take place, in 2018 the fifth region are started in it the percentage are nearly 49.

Economical Pricing

This is one of the reasons to be placed in a high position. AWS providing free service to person who are going to start learning AWS for one ear, that time is enough for learning AWS, it provide

budget friendly choices to learn about AWS technology. For access to 160 cloud based services it offers you a pay- as-you-go method. It gives many offers like paying only for needed servers only. It does not charge a huge amount, buying servers is equal to buying simple groceries. It follows a policy of using more and paying less.


Top 10 reasons to learn AWS in 2021

AWS provides many flexible options by providing access to select the programming language, needed service, operating system, web application platform, database and so on. Amazon web services have new feature instance size flexibility to access EC. The flexibility are the main reasons to select the AWS and for it growth

Global Architecture

It’s all about the location and region, AWS provides it service in various locations across the world so users automatically like to use AWS. In AWS 44 own zones are available within 16 geographic regions throughout the world and many more zones are designing, which are under processing to establish.

PAAS Offering

paas is a tool that is available for both software and hardware. laas provides options in premise infrastructure it helps to choose the correct investment type instead of choosing wrong one. It is more flexible and scalable. It reproduces equalities in caching, database management, transcoding, infrastructure management and storage backup. The overall points are helps to manage the infrastructure and time saving and cost reduction process


Top 10 reasons to learn AWS in 2021

Aws provide high security to protect data. AWS has a special team, they directly interact with users to explain its security rules and regulations. AWS provides security to both small and big data. it never fails in providing safety and security to service. AWS provide different types of compliance programs with the high security.


In AWS, having flexible options to operate, scheduling is one of the best choices. It provides access to set up a time to start and stop schedule for AWS EC2 and RDS instant. User can access it according to their comfort, even in weekend days it works by scheduling.


Based on user comfort zones the customization variations are available in AWS cloud computing. AWS has different choices available. User can easily get customization account without delaying


Top 10 reasons to learn AWS in 2021

For every organization the data documents and information play a crucial role, if the organization or user maintains an account in Amazon Web Services it is helpful to backup and store the data, it helps to prevent risk. AWS is the best one to provide safety and security to data.


It’s helpful to manage the account which is easy to access. APL helps to manage accounts by knowing about programming languages. It helps developers to main details and access about monitor, maintain, secure APL, publish, create. Apl are used to backup the data and lunch a latest update at the time

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