what is Rate My Professor | You Need to Know All About Rate My Professor in 2021

Do you believe that a student can review professor performance through a rating system to estimate how they are teaching, professor performance, professor behavior with students, and so on, here we are going to explain the rate my rate my professor in detail?

Rate my profession was launched in May 1999 by a software engineer john swapceinski, to frame a digital feedback platform that is related to school and collages professors. In the previous days, my professors were named teacherrating.com, in 2001 techerreating.com was modified as a rate by my professor.

Students can sign in to leave ratings and reviews for their faculty members and schools. They also consult the database to determine which classes to take as well as which faculty members to prevent unnecessarily.

For the last three surveys, the University of Wisconsin – Madison has regularly ranked among the top ten for Top World ranking universities, with the help of rate my professor.

Rate my professor helps to allow students to give their opinion or feedback on the professor with a simple way like rating, by giving points in five points rating scale. More than 7000 plus schools and 15 million ratings are involved as part of the rate my professor app. In rate my professor, the student’s rate and give feedback over 1.3 million professors performance in rate my professor platform.

what is Rate My Professor | You Need to Know All About Rate My Professor in 2021

Rate my professor has become a famous factor in well-developed countries like Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Rate my professor is created or designed to give support to students to select a particular professor or teacher for a selected course and classes based on the rating system.

Rate My Professor Guidelines are Divided into Two Types

  1. Student guidelines
  2. Professor guidelines

Based on guidelines, students have to write reviews at the rate of my professor. Professor also reacts based on guidelines only. There are limitations for both professors and students. They do not encourage any type of prohibited content and illegal activities.

How can I Provide a Rating and Review in It?

The person who is currently studying in a school and college is allowed to give feedback based on professor or teacher performance. By using student id numbers students can log in and provide ratings and reviews.

A student can rate my professor’s performance and course by using a five points rating scale. The reviewer also may start sharing whether or not he or she would start talking to the teacher again, whether or not the class has been chosen to take for credit, whether or not the attendance was required.

Rating formats are designed like in a comment section; users can only comment 350 words, there is no limit while writing a review. In-app and website have 20 tags among them users can choose three tags to write a review.

Based on rating and reviews the colleges and schools are going to estimate professor skills and knowledge about courses and subjects. Rating and review help to fix problems raised by the professor based on the subject and other factors.

The Best Sites like Rate My Professor

Digital platforms have plenty of best sites that are providing similar features and services to rate professor performance which is related to the course. The best sites that are similar to rate my professor is

  • Rate my teacher
  • Ulloa
  • Rate my lecturer
  • Student reviewer
  • Koofers and many more

Rate My Teacher

Rate my teacher is one of the best sites to write reviews about teachers’ performance. Zealand, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia are following the rate of my teacher app and website to review professor performance.


Ulloa is the best site, especially used by college students to rating and reviewing professor performance. United States students are mostly using the Ulloa site and app. Based on various factors students are rated.

Rate My Lecture

Basically, my lecture is active in the United Kingdom. Based on a 0 to 10 rating system students are rated the lecture performance.

Student Reviews

Student reviews are not only about rating but also about school rating, school ranking, college finding, professor rating, Researching careers and pay rates, Help to choose a career or major courses. These sites are designed with the help of a database to provide additional features and functions for a better user experience. More than 200 k students write comments on student reviews.


Koofer is used only to write reviews. Ulloa and Koofers are somewhat similar in functionalities. Overall 1.6 million reviews are recorded in it. Koofers also provides many features like practice exams, Grade distribution data, Class schedule maker, Flashcards, test banks.


Rate my professor is the best source to find out students’ opinions on teacher and professor performance. Here we can say that it’s is highly helpful to schools and colleges to maintain Institute with the best performance. and also read discord server.

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