We Should Know About Pappy Van Poodle Is A Charecter Of Nintendo 3DS That Nobody Knows

Pappy Van Poodle: The YouTube channel of Nick Robinson has some intriguing news for us. In his most recent video, he reveals the existence of a previously unknown Nintendo character. This character can be found in Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball, a free game released in 2014 on the Nintendo 3DS eShop.

However, users could pay to play baseball minigames through the app. Because of this decision, many gamers never paid full price for games because they could haggle. This is why no one has ever heard of Pappy Van Poodle, a character who appears only if we pay the full price of a game without haggling.

The most intriguing aspect of this game is that you can haggle with the game vendor, Rusty Slugger, about the price of certain items. payment. You’d be able to get the minigames for less than the $4 you originally requested.

If we succeed, we’ll learn more about Rusty, his family, and Pappy Van Poodle, an obese dog with a cane who served as Rusty’s mentor. If you pay the full price, the app will show you several scenes of this strange figure.

Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball Pappy Van Poodle.

Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball is the name of the series

• Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball (for starters)

• Poodle is a type of dog.

• Year the season was created: 2013

Nintendo was in charge of the game’s development.

Pappy Van Poodle is a character from Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball for the Nintendo 3DS. If the player does not agree to Rusty Slugger, it is displayed. He’s the one. Rusty’s ancient mentor, who has been entrusted with assisting


Pappy Van Poodle made his only appearance in Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball. In the game, Pappy Van Poodle acted as a mentor to Rusty, providing him with objects and advice to assist him.

Pappy Van Poodle will appear near the end of the game and give Rusty the product you were supposed to give him during the haggling operation if you buy Most games are $4.00 (total price), and Rusty isn’t given the things he needs to progress the tale (which is usually done by haggling with Rusty).

Throughout the game, Rusty mentions Pappy Van Poodle a few times, but only in these specific scenarios. Pappy has a catch. Rusty’s pup finds it in an alley and delivers it to him in one of his later episodes.


Pappy Van Poodle was Rusty’s best friend and mentor for almost two decades. He was said to be Rusty’s Sluggers’ biggest supporter and fan, and he was seen cheering. Rusty is the squad’s unofficial mascot.

He addresses Rusty as his son and presents him with flowers, demonstrating the tenderness of his Japanese translation: In the Japanese edition of “Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball,” Inuz Toip, a Pappy Van Poodle with a unique outfit and story, makes an appearance.

As seen in the Japanese version of Pappy Van Poodle.

Due to the improbable strategy required to even face Pappy Van Poodle, he was mostly unknown on the internet. throughout the game Only six days after Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball was released in Japan, he was first referenced on a Japanese blog site named (Pozukago).

He was then mentioned in a few places throughout the internet, but not until YouTuber Nick Robinson released a video on how he accidentally discovered Pappy Van Poodle. In this instance, the video is avail

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Because encountering Pappy is so unusual, Google had no hits for the search “Pappy van Poodle” until Nick Robinson’s film was released.

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