Minecraft skindex | How To Change Minecraft player skin in 2021

What is Skindex?

The Skindex is a skin factory for Minecraft game where you can create and customize the skins for the character of Minecraft game. And download the skin in the .png format. And we can easily apply this skin to the character in the game. we have explained how to use the skindex in this article.

What is Minecraft?

How To Change Minecraft player skin in 2021

Minecraft is a video game developer by Mjong and several test versions released in the year 2009 and the final version released in 2011. Minecraft is the best-selling videogame of all time and it has 126 million active users as of 2020.

Minecraft has won several awards as one of the best video games of all time. In this game, there are different types of modes of games available in Minecraft.

  • Survival mode
  • Hardcore mode
  • Creative mode
  • Adventure mode
  • Spectator mode

Changing of skin in Minecraft

How To Change Minecraft player skin in 2021

Some of the players of Minecraft are unaware of the changing of their skins. Players get bored with the o’steve or Alex then they can easily download the new skin and easily change it in the game. Changing Minecraft game skin is explained in the following steps.

If you need to change the skin in Minecraft before that you need to download the new skin change. There are some skins that are available for free of cost on the Minecraft skindex official website. These skins are developed on special occasions. You can also find the skins on websites like The skindex where a host user created the skins you can download these skins also.

If you don’t like ready-made skins then you can create your own skins by creating new or by editing the existing skins. To edit or create new skins you have two options: we can use photoshop or browser-based Minecraft skindex editor. If we have a compatible .png file then we can easily change the skin.

We can change the Minecraft skins for both the versions of Minecraft like Bedrock and Java Edition.

Skin change in the java edition

Step1:-  Open the Minecraft java edition launcher and don’t press the play button but instead press on the skins button in the top menu.

How To Change Minecraft player skin in 2021

Step2:- Tap on the + symbol to add the new skin then you will be navigated to add a new screen

Step3:- in the add new screen Browse the file which is already edited make sure the dimensions and size are specified and the file format would be in. PNG only then click on open.

How To Change Minecraft player skin in 2021

Step4:- Name the newly added skin and choose “slim” size or “classic” size then click on “Save and Use”.

When you launch the game your character will have the newly added skin.

Skin change in Minecraft Bedrock edition

Similar to the java edition we can also change the skin of a character in the Bedrock edition also there are tons of skins available on the official website and users can share their skin too. This feature is available only in the PC version.

Step1:-  Start the Minecraft bedrock edition game and select the profile in the home.

Step2:- select the character do you want to add the custom skin to by clicking the “right” and “left” arrow keys, then select the “edit character”.

Step3:- Now you have entered into the character creator mode of the Bedrock edition. Where you can select the pre-loaded skins or you can buy new skins. If you want to use a .PNG file then you need to created and downloaded to add this navigate to the second tab and select owned option to import the .PNG file.

Step4:- click on the import then you can add the .PNG file from your PC.

Step5:- specify whether your character has normal arms or thin arms.

That’s it now you have successfully changed the skin of the Minecraft character.


In this article, we have covered the procedure for skin change for both editions “java” and “bedrock” of the Minecraft game provided with eh screenshots also.

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