How Elon Musk will award $100 million in carbon capture technology

Carbon capture technology

How Elon Musk will award $100 million in carbon capture contest

Carbon capture technology is a process of capturing waste carbon dioxide from large points like power plants, fossil fuel and transporting into storage site

In carbon capture process are completed in three steps such as capture, transport, storage


How Elon Musk will award $100 million in carbon capture contest

capture is a process of Capturing carbon dioxide and separating it from other gases before it is released into the atmosphere. Carbon capture technology can capture up to 90 percent of carbon dioxide through burning fossil fuels


How Elon Musk will award $100 million in carbon capture contest

After carbon capturing process completed, the carbon dioxide are transported to storage locations through pipelines, road tanks and ships


How Elon Musk will award $100 million in carbon capture contest

Finally Transported carbon dioxide are stored in a geological formation below the earth for to prevent the escape of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere ,the suitable carbon dioxide storage locations like abandoned oil and gas fields (or) deep saline formations, the minimum depth are above 800 m, need to have exact temperature and pressure to store carbon dioxide in a liquid or supercritical state.

‌preventing excess release of carbon dioxide through injecting the carbon dioxide in suitable underground storage reservoirs

‌ Types of underground formation for geologic carbon storage

How Elon Musk will award $100 million in carbon capture contest

1) Oil and natural gas reservoirs

2) Saline formations

3) Unmineable coal seams

4) Basalt formations

5) organic rich shales

Carbon capture technology separates the carbon dioxide outflow from the flue gases and then transports the co² to suitable storage locations through pipelines and shipping.

In carbon capture have different types of technologies that are helpful to geological store, capture, transport of co²

Capture technology varies into three types

1) post- combustion

2) pre-combustion

3) oxy fuel combustion

Post combustion carbon capture

How Elon Musk will award $100 million in carbon capture contest

Post combustion carbon capture refers to capture the co² from flue gas generated after combining a carbon based fuel like coal or natural gases

‌ Post combustion carbon capture involves in unique challenges , the biggest challenge in post combustion carbon capture is separation the low concentration co² form the large amount of nitrogen in the flue gas

Pre combustion carbon capture

How Elon Musk will award $100 million in carbon capture contest

Pre combustion carbon capture refers to separate carbon dioxide from fossil fuels before combustion is complete. Gasification and advanced turbines will coordinate closely in pre combustion capture and research activities will be performed to ensure the pre combustion capacity.

Oxy fuel combustion

How Elon Musk will award $100 million in carbon capture contest

Oxy fuel combustion is one of the most important technologies for capturing carbon dioxide, it is a process of burning a fuel by using pure oxygen instead of air. It helps to maintain a certain temperature and some flue gases are recycled back. In oxy fuel combustion. Oxy fuel combustion mostly used in glass industry, thermal energy engineering

Industrial process :-To prevent excess release of co² they have different types of technologies and also be used by various industries such as natural gas processing and in steel cement and ammonia production.

‌It will be required to transport at certain temperature and at compressed pressure,co² mostly transport when it is in approximate temperature 31° and compressed pressure above 7.4MPa

Co² presents supercritical possessions. It is a liquid with gas characteristics. Co² normally transported at high pressure in pipelines made up of carbon steel as not compared to normal or natural gas pipeline, if it need to cross a great expanse of aquatic behalf of pipelines ships are used in transport ‌Co² pipelines already exist in large scales

Enhanced oil recovery

How Elon Musk will award $100 million in carbon capture contest

Co² is highly used in the oil industry for increase oil Recapturing, the process of inserting co² into oil fields is called enhanced oil recovery (EOR)

The inserting of co² helps in increase the overall pressure of oil reservoir and forcing oil toward wells, in enhanced oil recovery have three types of primary technologies

1) Gas injection

2) Thermal injection

3) Chemical injection

Gas injection

How Elon Musk will award $100 million in carbon capture contest

In gas injection the natural gases, nitrogen or carbon dioxide are used and expand in a reservoir for to increase additional oil to a production wall And also Dissolve other gases to improve it flow percentage

Thermal injection

Thermal injection involves in introducing of heat in the form of steam to lower the density or thin

Chemical injection

The chemical injection involves the use of long chained molecules to increase the efficiency of water flow. Those technologies are extremely high in cost , at the same time it causes irregular efficiency.

‌Oil reservoirs can include up to three distinct phases

1) primary recovery

2) secondary recovery

3) tertiary recovery

Primary recovery

The natural pressure and gravity helps to drain oil into the well bore and combines artificial life technology. In primary recovery the resulting percent is only about 10 percent of originated oil in place.

Secondary recovery

secondary recovery is a process of injection of water and gas to displace oil and drive it to production wellbore, the resulting percentage in recovery of 20 to 40 percentage of original oil in place

Tertiary recovery

Tertiary recovery ultimately producing 30 to 60 percent or more. the three extensive classifications of EOR have been found to be commercially

Carbon capture and utilization

Carbon capture and utilization is a process of capturing and storing carbon dioxide for future purpose or recycled for further usage. Carbon capture and utilization help in reducing or controlling greenhouse gas emission from various industries. CCU does not involves in permanent geological storage of carbon dioxide‌ The main forward thought of CCU is to convert carbon dioxide into valuable products, such as biofuel, plastic, concrete.

‌ Converting the captured carbon dioxide into several products by grouping in one group being hydrocarbons, like methanol , it useful as a biofuel and remaining conversion are plastic, concrete.

‌Probably dissimilar potential alternatives are taken into consideration and research suggests the process of capturing involves many chemicals,fuels, and also they have limited capacity for removing carbon dioxide ‌ CCU does not result in pure carbon positive.

Benefits and advantages of carbon capture and storage

Carbon capture and storage process helps to reduce carbon dioxide emission into air it result in the form of climate change because of capturing and storing climate related changes take place and damage to human health are decreased It help to decrease soil erosion and improve water quality it leads to chemical free agriculture It is a method used to reduce the amount of releasing of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere in an attempt to limit the effects of global climate changes

CCS are aimed to decrease climate change such as preventing average global temperature.

Disadvantages of carbon capture and storage

Carbon capture and storage isn’t economically feasible The CCS causes environment damage due to leakage of carbon dioxide from pipelines (or) geological storage Reservoirs If the injected gas leaked out because of structural faults in the geological formation it can be fatal CCS won’t be able to play any significant role for decades Plot space requirements are significant

Methods of capturing carbon dioxide have cost implications for owners The operation cost of carbon capture is high Natural calamities such as earthquake (or)human – induced incidents might result in carbon dioxide leakage from underground.

Financial requirements

Various equipment are used to capture carbon and based on industry the financial status also changes ,for compressing carbon dioxide also requires a certain amount of energy, if consumption of energy increases usage of fuel also increases when fuel and power consumption increase the percentage of investment also increases , coal-fired power is needed between 25-40% . CCS application will raise the cost of energy generation and industrial production.


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